The Holy Quraan is a global, online school, committed to set standards for the most simple and successful way of teaching the Holy Quraan.


You can try three free no obligation trial classes to evaluate our Quraan reading service and the tutor. After the free classes you can decide to continue or discontinue Quraan learning with us. Our online Quraan tutoring service is very affordable way to learn reading the Quran.

The Holy Qur'an Online Education

The holy Qur’an is a global, online school, committed to set standards for the most simple and successful way of teaching the Holy Qur’an & Islamic education.

The Holy Qur’an program is very easy, affordable, convenient and accessible for everyone. It has been specially designed for Muslims who do not have facility to hire a Qur’an tutor at home.

The holy Qur’an provides an opportunity for its students to experience the joy of learning in the safety and comfort of their homes. We offer you the choice of selecting time according to your own personal schedule. The most useful advantage of this blessed online technology is its convenience. The online learning environment also helps you study in a relaxed mood, save money on useless traveling and avoid all the related frustrations etc.

We provide Qur’an learning online to kids and to Brothers/Sisters of any age. If you wish that your kid to read Qur’an with proper rules of Tajweed or your kid do memorization of Qur’an, You are most welcome to contact us.

Our Teaching Faculty

Our teachers are highly qualified and expert. All of our teaching staff consists of qualified religious scholars, Qaris and Hafizs of Qur’an. We combine experienced and certified tutors and time tested teaching methodologies

All the tutors have memorized the Qur’anby heart (Hafiz-e-Qur’an) and have an excellent command on Tajweed.

All the tutors are fluent in speaking English, Arabic and Urdu that are able to teach the student in a friendly environment and motivate the student to learn The Holy Qur’anand Islamic Education.

All of our teachers are high qualified and serving as a teacher in varies colleges & schools.

The Holy Qur’ans Benefit

The Holy Qur'an Online Courses

Fee Schedule

Online Qur’an Classes fee are dependent on number of classes taken each week. We have displayed prices in US Dollars for your convenience.

We offer discount for multiple family members and do not forget your first 3 classes are free. The below mentioned cost is exclusive of 3 free trial Qur’an Classes and implement on monthly bases after the satisfaction of free trial period.

10% Discount for the second student.

Plan - A 3 Days

 30 Min/Day
$ 39
  • 30 Min/Day
  • 3 Days In a week
  • 12 Classes in a month

PLAN B – 5 Days

 30 Min/Day
$ 55
  • 30 Min/Day
  • 5 Days In a week
  • 20 Classes in a month

PLAN C – Weekend Classes

 1 Hour Sat & Sun
$ 49
  • 1 Hour
  • Every Sat & Sun
  • Max 5 Classes

Important Notes

1. Online Qur’an classes are available at hours that are convenient to you.
2. Second student from same family gets a “Discount”.
3. All fees must be paid in advance and in entirety after the satisfaction of free trial period.
4. Fee for Arabic learning class will be quoted on request.

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